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Baby Car Seat Types

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Posted on: 02/01/2019
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Baby Car Seat Types

There are three types of baby car seat available and are designed to suit your babies age

The First Car Seat Type is the infant car seat

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An infant car seat only faces the rear of your car and is suitable for babies up to 35 or 40 pounds and 32 to 35 inches tall.

It is rear facing for extra security, often fitted to a base and by using the seat belt. It car easily be laid down so your baby can sleep peacefully. The main advantage is that many car seats now have a handle to lift them from the car, and then place them and secure them on a pram or stroller.

It is recommended for safety reasons that you use a rear-facing seat until your child is at least 2-years-old or have reached the maximum height or weight capacity of the car seat. Then you can use a forward facing seat.

As your child gets older then you can move onto a booster seat. These are recommended when your child is over 40 pounds

When looking for a safe car seta make sure you look for one in the right weight class. Car Seats come in different weight groupings

Car Seats

Group 0+ (0-13kg) | Group 1 (9-18kg) | Group 2 & 3 (15-36kg) | Group 1-3 (9-36kg) | Group 3 (22-36kg) |

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My advice is to look for a seat that is easy to fit in the car. Offers comfort and security and will last for a long time. I know that infant car seats are great but remember that as your baby grows the ease of lifting the seat from the car to the stroller becomes more difficult as the baby grows. Therefore I recommend these from early on but as the baby gets heavier it is better to have a rear-facing toddler seat. There are so many options and toddler seats infant seats can last up to 40 pounds. If you look at the travel systems available you can get great deals on systems that have the car seat, stroller and everything you need.

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