Beaba 5-in-1 Food Blender

Beaba 5-in-1 Food Blender

Product Features

  • 4 in 1 food processor: steams, blends, defrosts and reheats
  • Quickly steam cooks in 15 minutes, preserving flavours and vitamins
  • Xl bowl capacity of 1100ml to quickly prepare large quantities
  • Automatically switches off, meaning there is no need to monitor the process
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(as of 05/25/2018 08:56 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The Beaba Babycook Solo in Special Edition Aquamarine provides you and your little one with the perfect solution at meal times.

This complete kitchen module allows you to prepare, cook and serve your baby’s food simply, quickly and easily. Adding flavours and textures that suit your baby’s individual taste. Babycook Solo in Paprika has four main functions, these include steam cooking, blending, defrostng and also reheating. With an XL capacity of 1100ml, you can ensure there is plenty of food for your little one and more! This also helps to produce large quantities for your little one to store for quick and on the go meals.

The steamer function will gently steam cook vegetables and fruits within 15 minutes, avoiding over cooking; the Babycook also preserves natural flavours, vitamins and minerals creating a healthy and delicious meal for your child – enhancing their development throughout their growth.

The blender has a twist switch which allows you to twist and leave it to blend automatically, or to blend it manually, controlling a pulse in order to blend food to the perfect consistency. The reheat and defrost functions combine with the steamer to ensure you can gently warm your baby’s food to the perfect temperature.

With a range of additional features, the Babycook allows you to create delicious and nutrious meals for your baby without any hassle! The graduated measuring bowl means it is easy to measure quantities and the automatic switch off function means that you do not have to stand over and monitor the Babycook when in use. In addition to the Babycook, you will also receive a number of fantastic accessories, these include a blending/smoothie filter lid, a spatula and also a handy recipe booklet for you and your little one to follow.

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